LA Salvage is a furniture rental company based out of Los Angeles California. We love making weddings, events, sets and homes feel great through our collection of hand built, rediscovered and curated furniture, art and artifacts. Allow us to decorate, stage and build your next big happening!




In 2007 LA Salvage Company started off by gathering and selling architectural salvage to the general public. After the downturn the business needed to be reinvented to meet the demands of the new economy. We began to collect less salvage and more furniture due to the increased demand for staging homes. We decided to keep the name even though we had gotten out of the salvage business. After three years of staging we saw an opportunity to join the event rental market as well as prop rentals to a select few production designers. Today we offer event rental services and we can also build anything you can dream up! As artists, designers and builders we are always looking for ways to make your event unique and inspiring. We look forward to working with you!

The LA Salvage Team